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Segway miniPro Handlebar Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you own one of the best segways, like the Mini Pro or even the MiniLite, and would like to have better control over the segway, you should look into the Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar. It has been specifically designed to work with a laundry list of Segway transporters, providing better balance and control.

Why We Like It – Segway miniPro Handlebar

The Segway miniPro Handlebar provides an excellent alternative to handling your Segway transporter with your hands rather than your knees.

  • Better control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a rearview mirror
  • Not all Segway models are supported
  • Lacks knee pads


The hardest part about riding a transporter using your knees is the big learning curve. People are used to holding something to control their movements. Quite frankly, not everyone gets used to it. In that situation, using a handlebar is far more advantageous. And the Segway miniPro Handlebar does just that.

By connecting it to your Segway transporter, you’ve converted it from knee control to hand control. This not only allows for better agility, but also better balance. In fact, it shares a lot of similarities with the kit described in our AUBESTKER Handlebar Kickstand Kit review.


The Segway miniPro Handlebar has a very simplistic design coming in a white or black finish, but both are made with an aluminum alloy. The grips are very comfortable. At its shortest length, it’s 30.5-inches, which is perfect for a young kid. It’s longest is 41.5-inches, which fits comfortably for adults.

However, the handlebar is lacking knee pads. The worst part is that not all Segway models are supported, but many, like the Segway Ninebot S, are. Read the fine print before purchasing. In search of an all terrain scooter that is built for the modern man? Check out our Eco glide smart self balance scooter review.


The Segway miniPro Handlebar—or Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar—has really great value, especially for its price. You’re getting an excellent conversion kit that can take a transporter you’re wobbly on and give all the control to your hands, an arguably better system.

In addition to the handlebar, you get a phone holder. This is great if you’re using GPS. At the same time, the companion Segway app can help calibrate the balance.

Segway miniPro Handlebar Wrap Up

The Segway miniPro Handlebar, despite its name, is pretty versatile with other Segway models—not just miniPro or the Segway miniLite. While it lacks knee pads, you’re never going fast enough to warrant a pair, unless you child drives (they can wear knee pads). In return you get an easy-to-assemble handlebar kit that adds better control, agility, and balance to your Segway transporter.

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