Samsonite Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Samsonite Wallet isn’t going to make its way into the big boy club of cool wallets, not the way it presents itself. However, it shares a few features the Best Travel Wallet has, like the most basic functions of a travel wallet. Its simple design houses areas for multiple cards, passports, and travel passes makes it one of the Best Cool Wallets.

Why We Like It – Samsonite Wallet

The Samsonite Wallet is simple in its design and style and speaks to the person who needs the most basic functions for traveling abroad. It handles passports, travel passes, money, and several cards.

  • Large enough to hold boarding passes
  • Pouches for money and unique items
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unappealing & subpar craftsmanship
  • Only 5 card slots


To put it as simply as possible: the Samsonite Wallet isn’t exactly stylish. In fact, it’s the opposite of stylish. Even a simple graphic or two-tone coloring would have been enough to add pizazz to the wallet, but there’s none of that. It’s a bland, leather-like finish.


Despite looking like leather, it’s actually plastic. That offers some fairly good durability since plastic can last quite a while and take a beating, but it doesn’t hide the fact cheap materials were used in its construction. It will start to wear within the first two years of use.


Expressing how well the Samsonite Wallet works can be done in three words: it’s good enough. You get 5 card slots for credit cards, which is just barely enough to pass. A large pocket on the right can house your passport, with two flaps that can fit travel passes and money. The Kipling Wallet is basic as well but expands upon those basic features for better performance. Try the Partstock Card Holder Wallet, which is very lightweight, holds 22 cards and is affordable.

Size & Versatility

You won’t be sliding the Samsonite Wallet into your pocket like you can with the Travando Wallet, but the Travando Wallet lacks a place for passports. It measures 1 x 5 x 4 inches in size, so it isn’t huge and should fit comfortably inside your jacket.


When compared to Mundi Wallets, the Samsonite Wallet seems like the better deal. And it can be if you need a simplistic travel wallet. Mundi Wallets give you twice the features at twice the price, like a place for your ID, twice the card slots, a special place for your smartphone, and RFID protection. Samsonite Wallets are better for the short term, Mundi Wallets for the long term.

Samsonite Wallet Wrap Up

Samsonite Wallets don’t reach for any uniqueness to differentiate itself from other, more affordable wallets. It’s the definition of “good enough,” seen by its limited card slots and basic functions. You get space for cash and travel passes, passports and cards, but that’s all. It desperately needs some style to look past its rudimentary design.

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