Refurbished Apple Watch Space Stainless Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 2 in the best apple watches buying guide, the apple watch series 3 offers many features on a budget. With about 18 hours of battery life and an easy setup, this watch can provide information a user needs to track their progress in fitness-related activities. Speaking of many features, check out what the best smartwatch has to offer.

Why We Like It – Refurbished Apple Watch Space Stainless

This little gadget has a lot to offer with its fast processing speed and apps. It’s available in many different languages, is waterproof enough to handle a maximum of 50 meters in water depth, and has a Retina display, a touchscreen with 16 million colors it can display.

  • Comes with the charging cable and adapter
  • has GPS connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • If the screen has a deep enough crack, the whole watch can become unusable


Both the apple watch series 2 watches and the apple watch series 3 watches have a GPS feature, are swim proof, and can detect and display the wearer’s heartbeat, but they don’t have the EGC heart app. However, the series 3 watches also process tasks much faster and have more stable wireless connections with Wi-fi and Bluetooth. They also have 32 GB of onboard storage for things like music and audiobooks. If you like this watch, you might be interested in our Samsung Galaxy Watch review. Check it out!


This simple and sleek space black watch and sport band comes with a charger and charging adapter. The stainless steel watch itself can be charged with a special connector that magnetically attaches itself to the bottom of the watch. This allows for the watch to effortlessly disconnect from the charger without the user worrying about potentially damaging the connector However, since it’s refurbished, there’s no guarantee that it will be delivered in its original packaging.

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As an apple product, its dialogues are available in a multitude of languages so customers from around the world can have the best experience when using it. It’s similar and cheaper than the series 5 watches, but it’s also smaller, and doesn’t have features such as fall detection and a built-in compass. The material used for the casing can contribute to the price, as watches with stainless steel casing noticeably costs more than the aluminum ones. As long as there’s no damage to either the exposed or hidden side of the screen, the wearer can still use the watch.

Refurbished Apple Watch Space Stainless Wrap Up

With its stainless steel body, the apple watch series 3 watches are harder to break unless the screen has been cracked. It’s not the same quality as the newer Apple Watch Edition, but it seems that its features won’t be officially outdated for a while. This budget-friendly watch is more than good enough.

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