Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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From our list of the Best Baseball Gloves comes the Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves. These Rawlings baseball glove series can be customized for right hand throw or left hand throw. You can use them for a variety of recreational baseball games as soon as you purchase them, so you don’t go through the hassle of breaking one in anymore. So, why is it considered one of the best sports equipment? Let’s find out more in this review

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Why We Like It – Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves

The Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves are the perfect fit for most types of baseball games like softball, fastpitch, slowpitch, and others. This baseball glove has heavily cushioned pads that will keep your hand protected during the games. It is made from genuine leather and is broken in to be game ready the instant it is bought.

  • 90% Rawlings factory break in
  • Cushioned palm and index finger pad
  • Entry for the hand may be too small for some

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This is a glove fit for any position out on the field. There are models with fb basket webs and others for catcher’s mitts. Every glove has either a velcro wrist strap or a Zero Shock pull strip that allows players to adjust it easily. This glove performs at it’s best during recreational baseball and softball games. If you would like to find more gloves for recreational games, you may want to consider checking out Franklin Sports Baseball Glove.


This glove has a smooth black design and is laced around the area with the basket web. Since this glove has been broken in, there is no need to oil it down. All it needs is a couple of warm-ups to get comfortable. This is a glove meant for low to mid-tier games with the kids or buds, and if you are looking for something more top of the line a better choice may be the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove.


If you enjoy the price of these gloves, you may also want to check out the similarly priced Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Baseball Glove which will also fit this budget. Right now you can take advantage of these gloves and save 20% off of the original price plus free shipping. Whether it ends up being used as a baseball or softball glove it is up for the task and will work great regardless of the position you end up playing. The best part about this glove is that it will be game ready for use as soon as you receive it.

Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves Wrap Up

The Rawlings Renegade Basket R130BGS 6 Gloves is a great glove to buy if you are trying to find a quality item for a budget price. The webbed design and index finger pads will allow you to pick up the ball with ease, and the cushioned pads will provide all the protection you need while out on the field.

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