PS Vita TV Lets You Play Your PS4 in Another Room, Plays Hundreds of Games, Costs $100 (video)

Sony’s hotly anticipated PS4 hits store shelves in just a few short months.  And today, perhaps in an effort to keep the marketing fires roaring, the Japanese based company unveiled the PS Vita TV.

The PS Vita TV is a diminutive sized box, measuring a scant 60mm x 100mm.  It’s powerful enough to play Vita games, though Sony says just 100 of them will be compatible with the set top box because not all controls will translate to its controller, a Dualshock 3.  And speaking of controllers, you can get the PS Vita TV with a controller for $150, or $100 without.

The back of the Vita TV will play host to a Vita memory card slot, Ethernet, a USB slot and an HDMI port – the Vita game slot is on the side.  Sorry, no word on if it will ship with built-in WiFi, but I don’t see why not.  Then again it’s Sony, and they have a penchant for making you buy crap that should otherwise be included.

Sony’s video and TV services will obviously be compatible with the Vita TV, as will Hulu and a few other select partners upon launch.  Additionally, over 600 digital PSP games are compatible with the system, as are 600 PS1 and PC Engine games.

But what makes the PS Vita particular useful, is the Vita TV’s remote play feature that allows you to play your PS4 wherever the Vita TV is setup in your home.  So as the video depicts, if your parents are bogarting the TV in the living room, where your PS4 is setup, you can plug your PS Vita TV into another display and game to your heart’s content.

The PS Vita TV hits Japan this November for $100. No word on a US release at this point.

PS Vita TV-3 PS Vita TV-2

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