Powerocks Magicstick Adds Power To Your Phone


It happens to all of us, at some point. We’re at a bar, at a party, somewhere with no easy access to an outlet, and we discover our phone has died. The Powerocks Magicstick wants to solve that problem.

Power In Your Pocket

Essentially the Magicstick is a platform agnostic battery. Just charge it up anywhere a USB port is handy; it’s got a 2800 maH battery inside of it, so it can get a lot of power packed in quickly. Then, toss it pretty much anywhere you need it; in a glove box, in your purse, in your backpack, in your pants although we heartily recommend against it for reasons we’ve already explained, and keep it handy. When you need the power, just plug in any USB charger cord you have handy, and your phone will begin charging from the battery. Depending on battery capacity, it’ll at least charge your phone enough to make a few calls and send a few texts.

You In The Back, Stop Snickering

We freely admit that this product has an ill-considered name. It’s even, alas, a cylindrical device, meaning all the jokes just redouble. In a lot of ways, actually; can you imagine offering your friend your magic stick in public? No, we meant the device. See, this is why you need to keep your cell phone charged, you never know when something like this is going to happen.

A Useful Tool


Admittedly, running around with a Magicstick in your pants probably isn’t going to be the most attractive thing to do, but it’ll at least ensure that you keep your phone powered up. If you’d like to have a Magicstick handy at all times, you can find one online for just $50. And hey, that’s cheap for what you get. OK, we’ll stop now.

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