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Waiting forever for your phone to charge can be a drag, especially when you don’t have a lot of time and need your phone to bet as much juice as possible. What if you can charge your stuff in just 15 minutes? That would be mazing, right? Well the people behind the Petalite Flux thought the same and created the world’s fastest charging external battery.

100% or 2,600mAh In Just 15 Minutes

petalite flux

Charge anxiety will be a thing of the past with the external battery in your pocket! You no longer have to tether your phone to an electricity outlet on a daily basis since you can whip out the Petalite FluxPetalite Flux and get all the power you need in only 15 minutes. For most Android-based devices, this translates to a full-day’s charge (2,600mAh). And for those Apple fans out there, the device can charge an iPhone 5s in just 9  minutes! It’s just what you need whenever you forget to charge your phone in the morning or your commute home is taking longer than usual and you need your phone to entertain you.

Light And Portable

petalite flux

You can easily take it along with you on your daily travels since it’s light and portable and fits in your pocket. Just whip it out whenever you need to charge your phone and you’re good to go! And thanks to its durable construction, it can take a beating when tossed into your bag or in your desk at work. And it lasts up to 3x longer than other external batteries since it has a life-span of more than 1,5000 charge cycles.

The Petalite Flux is currently a Indiegogo campaign that’s looking for funding, so if you want a fully charged phone all the time, get the starter pack for $64, which includes everything you need to get your 15 minter charging going.

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