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Party Zealot Electric Inflator Decoration Review

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Do you want to blow into a balloon for hours, each breath pushing you closer to passing out? No, that doesn’t sound fun at all. It would be better to make the process automatic and perhaps use the air around you to fill balloons up. It just so happens the best balloon pump can do just that, and then some. Visit our best toys & games reviews for more toy recommendations.

Why We Like It – Party Zealot Electric Inflator Decoration

Make the process of blowing up hundreds of balloons easy and automatic, all the while avoiding the prospect of your lips touching every single one and avoiding passing out.

  • Can inflate two balloons at the same time
  • Takes less than 30 minutes for 100 balloons
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments
  • Doesn’t use helium
  • Strictly for balloons, not summer gear


If you want a good idea on how fast the Party Zealot Electric Balloon Air Pump worked, take it from us: in just under 30 minutes, we were able to inflate 100 latex balloons inflation—just like the IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations. For starters, this electric air pump can inflate a single balloon at around 2-3 seconds, depending on how big you want them. Great, right? The Party Zealot Electric Inflator Decoration Pump can do that twice in a row thanks to its dual nozzle system. And like the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, it has an automatic and semi-automatic mode so you don’t have to do any pumping yourself.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t designed to work with anything other than your typical balloon. It also doesn’t work with any helium whatsoever. What it can do is be a really easy companion to bring with you. It weighs 2.25 lbs, has dimensions of 7.8 x 6 x 4.7 inches, and a small compartment to store its power cable. Since this is an electrical air pump, it cannot work without power. In those situations, you’ll want a Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons will provide a better option, inferior as it is.


The Party Zealot Electric Balloon Inflator Air Pump Massive Balloons Blower US Standard Plug for Balloon Arch Balloon Column Stand and Balloon Decoration Purple Color wasn’t a slouch when it came to performance, and its design lent to invaluable portability. With the addition of free delivery, and a measly $20, we can certainly give this air pump Party Zealot is offering our seal of great value. You also get two additional nozzle attachments. Since it’s so cheap and free shipping is involved, you’ll have spare cash to spend on balloon ties and elaborate balloon decoration projects like balloon arch balloon column stand balloon.

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Party Zealot Electric Inflator Decoration Wrap Up

The Party Zealot Electric Inflator Decoration didn’t fail us when we needed it most, taking on two balloons at a time with ease. In the end, 100 balloons in under 30 minutes was impressive, with the addition of nozzle attachments for a variety of balloon types. Grant it, inflatable tubes aren’t compatible, nor is helium—but we felt its performance more than made up for it.