You have a lot of choices when it comes to home security. Some systems are smarter than others. You could end up buying a dumb homes security system if you aren’t careful. Luckily for us, these systems have been getting much smarter.

Olarm is Easy To Use and Will Protect Your Home

Olarm looks like it is on the smarter end of the spectrum. It has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. For a start, it will learn about your lifestyle and is self-arming. It is being hailed as the next generation of smart home security.

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This system is also affordably priced so that it will fit into your budget. The idea behind Olarm is simple. It consists of a hub and sensors that perform several functions. Just peel-n-stick these small intelligent sensors anywhere, then download the Olarm app, follow the steps and you are good to go. Now you are ready to make Olarm your eyes and ears when you are away. It is very easy to use.

You need a smartphone and Wi-Fi to use the system since all of the sensors are wireless. The system will learn your lifestyle and adapt to it, fitting your needs.

One sensor will cover a whole room, and each has a motion detector that can detect body heat and noise. It doesn’t matter how much light is in the room, the Olarm sensor will detect motion. When the system is armed, the motion function is instantly activated. Olarm will detect heat and movement in the surrounding areas, creating a protective “grid.”

There is no intruder who can pass unnoticed. However, the system is smart enough to avoid false alarms, like when your pets are moving in the room.

As for noise, the built-in microphone technology listens for sounds and detects noise activity anywhere it is placed. You will get an alert instantly if it hears something unusual, like a smoke detector going off, glass breaking, or even a loud noise that could be a forced entry.

But that’s not all Olarm is capable of. It can also detect leaks in your home, when a pipe bursts or if water is overflowing from your sink or tub. It does this using two leads in the bottom of the sensor. For this application, you need to place the sensor low to the ground. Attaching it to your baseboard is ideal. If you have a leak, you are immediately notified so you can avoid further damage. This is how Olarm can take care of your basement, water heater, bathroom or kitchen.

Olarm Is The Next Generation Of Home Security
Olarm is a great choice for monitoring your home.

Motion Detection, Noise Detection and a Leak Monitor All In One

The hub gets primary power from a standard outlet, but in an outage or disruption, the system will temporarily run on backup battery for up to 48 hours.

You can see why Olarm is a great choice for your home security solution. It is affordable, easy to use and reliable.

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