Nomad Slim Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If Best Cool Wallets are what get your motor running, then perhaps you should narrow your search down to the Best Smart Wallet. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they also employ space-saving capabilities that allow you to carry less than normal-sized wallets, but more than you would think. Enter, here, the Nomad Slim Wallet.

Why We Like It – Nomad Slim Wallet

The Nomad Slim Wallet is an excellently designed minimalist wallet that forces you to take only the bare essentials and nothing more. Because, really, how much do you need to take with you to the grocery store or on a date with your significant other?

  • Develops a Patina Over Time
  • Two Cash Slots
  • Discreet Tracking Device
  • Only Two Color Options
  • No RFID-Blocking Technology


The Nomad Slim Wallet offers fairly neat proportions, probably since it’s one of the oldest tanneries in the country. The wallet sports a slim design with the Nomad Horween Leather Co. logo imprinted on the leather. For another example of a minimalist aesthetic, consider the Travando Wallet.


One of the drawbacks of the Nomad Slim Leather Wallet is that it only comes in two colors. Consider the Buffway Wallet for much more variety. The Nomad is constructed with vegetable-tanned leather, though, with gorgeous stitching along the edges. Over time, this will develop a patina that gives the wallet character unique to you.


One thing the Nomad Slim Wallet is missing is RFID-Blocking Technology. Granted, this technology isn’t entirely mainstream yet, but many of the wallets competitors have it, so it would be wise for Nomad to implement it. One such competitor is the Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet, so you should check it out.


The Nomad Slim Wallet is organized well, featuring four card slots on the left fold plus a driver’s license fold on the right-hand side. It also contains two cash slots so you can carry as much cash as you need to. It’s a minimalist wallet, so it won’t be able to hold too much, a maximum of seven cards, but at least it forces you to take only what you need.


One of the most unique features of the wallet is the Tile Slim Tracker positioned discreetly behind a false line, making it harder for thieves to remove it. When paired with the Tile App, your wallet effectively becomes a wallet with GPS allowing you to know exactly where it is if you misplace or if someone does indeed steal it.

Nomad Slim Wallet Wrap Up

Although the Nomad Slim Wallet costs about the same, maybe even a little less, than other wallets in its class, it’s still pretty expensive compared to wallets as a whole. Still, you cannot argue with its craftsmanship and unique tracking device. Hopefully, they put RFID-Blocking Technology in the next one.

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