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Not every iPhone case is the same.  That in mind, there are an endless array of cheap to expensive iPhone cases.  iPhone cases that will protect your phone from water, a drop to the floor, or simply add some basic utility.  The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone is of the latter category. We’ve seen our share of our top-rated cool wallets and this is a good one.

The company, which is based some where in Holland, offers two types and two different finishes.  The types are probably best described as landscape and portrait.  The finishes are black or tan.  I received both types each with the other finish.  Got it?  Good.

First things first: either wallet can hold, at best, up to four business cards or three credit cards.  But that’s pushing things a bit, so I recommend 3 business cards or two credit cards (or a credit card and an ID).  And while it’s snugness may be a bit of a caveat, it ensures that your cards won’t fall out.  That in mind, I slightly prefer the portrait version since less of the card is exposed and in theory less likely to fall out. You may need to read through our Mundi Wallets review.

Mujjo Tan Case-003

However, within a few days of use, the edges of the Mujjo case became marred from taking it in and out of my pocket. Fairly par for the course with a leather iPhone case, but worth noting.  Moreover, the corners wore a bit faster than the edges of the phone, though it’s justifiable since there is more leather there, and more leather means more protection from drops to the surface.  In other words, a caveat I’m willing to accept.  However, the black version, which in this case boasted the portrait or more traditional wallet setup, has already began to fall apart (please see the above pic) after just 4 weeks of use.  Full disclosure: I had Gabe, our videographer, test this case, so maybe his pants are tighter than mine, though I doubt it).

Photo Jan 15, 1 03 10 PM

Issues aside, the Mujjo cases are nicely made and seem to use premium leather, at least based on touch alone.  The case itself is a single piece with the wallet sewn on.  That said, the stitching has remained intact, which suggests that it’s been crafted with thought and care.   The cut outs, which expose the buttons and ports are symmetrical, though if I had to nitpick the camera cut out is off center, though by no means does it impact performance.

Taking the case on and off is easy as it’s flexible.  And once it’s removed, revealed is the backing which seems to be a combination of plastic and leather.  It’s a fairly seamless looks that does nothing to take away from the case’s opulence. Check out the Montblanc 4810 Westside Leather review too.

Look, there is no denying that Mujjo has exquisitely crafted an iPhone case.  But not just an iPhone case. An iPhone case with a wallet, albeit with room for just two to three cards.  To my surprise it adds very little bulk to the iPhone, and all though its back isn’t smooth much like the iPhone itself, it doesn’t disrupt the removal or placement of my iPhone 6 back into my pocket.  The added protection, while some what minimal, is probably just the right in light of its size.