Mercedes Invents an Invisible Car (video)


This is beyond cool.  You’ve heard of invisible cloaks, right?  If not, check it.  Mercedes utilized the same principle to create an invisible car and promote their new fuel cell vehicle, the F-Cell, which apparently doesn’t produce any noxious fumes and thus is “invisible” to God’s green earth.

To accomplish this magical feat, they covered the car in a layer of LED lights. Attached  to the opposing side is a Canon 5D Mark II, which captures and transmits, in real time mind you, the otherwise hidden objects (image) and displays it on the array of LED panels adhered to the cars facade.  The result is an invisible, or cloaked car.  Clearly the effect is much more noteworthy when the vehicle isn’t moving, but it’s compelling nonetheless – nothing the Klingons would be proud of.

The F-cell is powered by compressed hydrogen which is converted into electricity and enables the car to travel up to 240 miles on a single tank – supposedly the equivalent of 90mpg.  Word is that the F-cell will see commercial availability sometime in 2014.

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