MAID Oven Is The Perfect Kitchen Assistant

If you’re looking for a little extra help in the kitchen or want to improve your culinary skills, the MAID Oven is exactly what you need! Although you’ll still have to mix all the ingredients, the kitchen assistant will provide you step-by-step tutorials on how to make delicious dishes and even help you perfect family recipes. t’s almost as good as one of our best small microwaves.

Knows Every Recipe And Dish


Every recipe and dish you’ve ever wanted to try, the MAID knows. Since it connects to a recipe store on the web, you can access an unlimited number of recipes and learn how to make them using easy instructions that everybody can easily follow. You can easily search for new dished based on ingredients that you like, the type of dish or you can even ask it for delicious recommendations. And you can even upload your own favorite recipes to the store to share with the world. It will also improve a recipe as you cook it over and over agin so that any little thing you change is recorded to suit your taste.

Personal Dietician

And if you have certain calories requirements for your meals, the MAID learns them based on continuous learning of your cooking habits. It can recommend a healthy and balanced diet for you while still making each dish taste amazing.

Multifunctional Oven


The MAID isn’t only a digital cookbook, but features the modes of a complete oven – convention, microwave and top-heater – with the smart assistant helping you cook in all three of the modes. the assistant will display the list of ingredients for every recipes on the outside and will then provide detailed explanations on how each of those ingredients need to be prepared – complete with visuals.


MAID features touch, voice and gesture controls, which makes it easy to get the next step when your hands are too dirty to touch its 6″ touch screen. It understands commands in English, with new languages being added soon.

The MAID is such a popular campaign on Kickstarter that all of it’s early bird specials are gone, so if you want a digital assistant with you in the kitchen, you’ll now have to pledge $449.

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