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Honeywell’s Lyric Thermostat Knows When You’re Away From Home

Lyric thermostat

With summer upon us, nothing beats coming home to a cool house after a long day at work and even longer commute home. With Honeywell’s new smart home Lyric Thermostat, your home will be the perfect temperature the moment you walk through the door! No having to switch on any buttons and wait for it to cool down; instead, the Lyric Thermostat uses geofencing technology to tell if you’re away from home or when you’re coming home again so that it can turn off or on the air according to you whereabouts. When you’re chilling at home, the smart thermostat will stay on the set temperature you programmed it for or stay on the weekly schedule you set up.


Then when you leave somewhere, it’ll automatically go into its energy-saving mode (in summer, reducing the air conditioner or during winter setting back the heat). Home owners can schedule its geofencing feature to know when you’re gone when your’e about 7 miles or 500 feet away form your home (it tracks your smartphone). And like all smart devices, you can control it all from your smartphone using its app and get alerts about extreme temperature or irregularities that might occur while you’re gone.

lyric thermostat

The thermostat also comes with Honeywell’s “Fine Tune” feature that will actually look up the temperature outside and tweak your home’s temperature settings based on humidity and weather conditions. There are also programmable short cuts for recurring events and a motion-sensing display that will light up when you approach it. Featuring Honeywell’s famous round design, the Lyric is easy to use and super easy to install. If you have a pencil, a screw driver and a Wi-Fi password then you’re ready for installation! Get the Lyric Thermostat at various hardware stores for $279.

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