Lexus has dressed up its LF-LC Concept in a new color. The first time we saw the concept it was red, now it’s blue. Lexus Australia is calling it the “second version” of the model that was first seen at the Detroit Auto Show. If you like to stay the most up to date on the latest car tech, take a look at our Ferarri FF’S new panoramic roof option too. The luxurious Opal Blue body finish is the same color as the semi-precious opal stone that is found in the Australian Outback. If you love looking at the best and brightest vehicles, you should also read our Kia Rio Review (2012). 

The blue-colored concept showcases all the features and new technology that Lexus will place in future cars like lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum alloy body panels and the next generation hybrid powerplant, the “Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive.” If you like this car, you’ll also want to read our review of the Lexus LF a Crystallized wind is a see through car. The new hybrid powertrain features an Atkinson cycle petrol engine and an electric motor, with a smaller battery pack powering the motor, which Lexus says will deliver more power than the larger batteries that are currently in service. The total power output from the engine-motor hybrid is 500 hp. The interior has twin 12.3-inch LCD screens for info and navigation display that are operated by a touch screen control board.

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