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LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V Electric Mower Review

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Do you love extra features on your mower? Are you trying to pick a green mower that runs more efficiently than traditional mowers and doesn’t use gas or oil?

This electric Lawnmaster mower has several unique features you may be interested in. We gave the LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V a thorough evaluation during our review period, so check below details and whether or not you should buy it.

Summary: This Lawnmaster model is an interesting cordless mower with a lot of settings: That gives it plenty of potential for the average yard, especially if you like micro-managing your lawn.

Price: $395.99 on Amazon
Model: CLMFT6018A

What We Liked

  • Speed and power customizations for better battery and mowing control
  • Lightweight design
  • Large, well-designed wheels

What We Didn’t

  • The customization options may be too much for users who want a simple mower
  • Some design aspects are confusing or a little flimsy
  • The 19-inch cutting width is surprisingly small for a mower this size

LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V Specs

Lawnmower: Lawnmaster
Lawnmaster 60v
Battery Power60V
Battery Life45-60 mins
Mulch Functionsgreen-check-mark
Construction MaterialWeather resistant plastic
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LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V Design

LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V 2
This Lawnmaster has a little bit of everything, with mixed results.

Out of all the cordless lawn mower we’ve researched, this Lawnmaster has one of the most interesting designs. It’s filled with features that electric mowers don’t usually have (in fact, mowers of any kind don’t usually have these additions). To make it easier on you, we’re going to give a quick list of the more unique features and what we think about them, before moving on to general design review.

  • Handles: There are handles on both the front and back of the mower. These make it easy to lift the mower onto a shelf or into a truck for easier storage and transportation. They don’t get in the way, and are overall a good idea.
  • Battery button: Right next to the push bar on the front of the mower, there’s a small button you can press. This will light up one of several battery icons, showing how much energy the battery has left. It’s not the most efficient way of checking battery life, but it’s right there whenever you want it.
  • Power mode button: Right next to the battery button, there’s a power mode button. You can choose between three different power levels here, depending on the height and thickness of your grass. Or, you can put it on auto, which automatically adjusts depending on how much resistance the mower is encountering.
  • 7 height adjustments: This is more height adjustment options than most mowers have, giving you even more control over lawn height with no downsides.

As for general design, the Lawnmaster has a somewhat blocky but very serviceable shape, made with lightweight plastic that manages to keep the mower grounded while also making operation (turning, pushing, etc.) very easy, even without a self-propelled option.

The wheels are also particularly good, well spaced and large with plenty of traction, which makes going over rough ground or pushing the mower up and down hills easier.

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We also like the battery design, although this doesn’t often figure into our review notes. The 60V battery has a rugged, capsule-like shape that helps protect it, and makes it easier to grip, pull out, and drop into the charger or mower as needed – easier than any of the other mower batteries we researched (although the compact, versatile Black+Decker batteries do get an honorable mention here).

However, some design aspects are less impressive. There are a few parts that feel surprisingly flimsy compared to the more rugged parts of the mower, as if they were designed and made according to entirely different plans. The starter lever, for example, does not benefit from its lightweight design, which makes it seem a little rickety. The battery casing is, unlike the rest of the mower, made from cheap plastic, and should be handled with care to avoid damage.

Perhaps most oddly, the safety key lock is located inside the battery casing. That’s annoying for a number of reasons.

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First, you typically loop or attach the safety key near the lock for easy handling, but in this case that means the safety key has to dangle out on the front of your mower, where it’s vulnerable to debris and general wear and tear.

Second, every other safety key lock is by the handle for obvious reasons. Putting the key by the battery means you have to lean down, open the base, and pull out the key every time you stop the mower (it’s generally good practice to pop out the key when getting rid of clippings, just for safety).

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LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V Research and Performance

Lawnmaster Blades
The Lawnmaster blades after cutting.

The Lawnmaster provides a lot of power with limited battery life. It does a good job of “hugging” the cutting area so not too much grass go flying up into the mower, and cuts very quickly.

We also like the speedy battery charge time, which we found was complete in only about two hours, one of the speediest times we’ve encountered. However, because of the drain on the battery, it only tends to last around 30 to 60 minutes with higher power settings, one of the shorter durations we’ve seen – and a pretty clear tradeoff.

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The power/battery mode buttons, meanwhile, are also a mixed bag. If you want to use them, they are very simple to adjust with two easy-to-reach thumb buttons by the handle. They’re nice if you want to tinker around and adjust the mower’s power level for light grass, thick grass, or medium grass mowing, while the other button makes it simple to instantly check your battery life.

However, it’s also tempting to simply leaving the mower mode on auto so that it does the work for you, and it’s a little annoying to press a button to view your battery charge when most other models have a constant LED indicator you can glance at. However these aren’t flaws so much as quibbles, and the Lawnmaster performed very well overall.


The Lawnmaster is solid electric mower option for owners who prefer a few extra customization and control features while they are mowing. It doesn’t have a perfect design, but its lightweight and will last with care and cleaning!