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Hunter iPhone Controllable Universal Internet Thermostat Costs Just $100

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Nest Learning Thermostat. It’s easily the most robust device of its type, however it is probably the most expensive; $250 for each unit. Good thing there are alternatives, which now includes the Hunter Universal Internet Thermostat, which sells for just $100 a pop. Also, the ones in our best smart thermostat list.

The name most certainly leaves something to be desired, but we know better than that to judge a product based on its label.  So the Universal Internet Thermostat doesn’t have an array of complicated sensor, and nor will it learn your habits, but what it can do is connect to your home’s WiFi.  That means you can access the thermostat’s controls any where you’ve got an Internet connection, along with receive temperature alerts when your abode exceeds a preset threshold.  Hunter says that the Universal Internet Thermostat install easily in just 5-minutes thanks to color coded wires and self-anchoring screws.  Other features include the ability to program 7-days separately, a large and presumably backlit display, and compatiblity with a wide array of heating and cooling systems.  It runs on 4 AA batteries for up to one year, or you can hardwire it into the wall.  An iOS app is available, or you can simply use the mobile interface.

The Hunter Universal Internet Thermostat is available now.

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3 Comments to Hunter iPhone Controllable Universal Internet Thermostat Costs Just $100

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  2. Russ

    FYI, It doesn’t use your WiFi?

    “Building on Hunter’s already successful 5 Minute Installation™ system with a plug and play Internet gateway, we’ve made this thermostat easy to install! No pesky SSID or Wi-Fi passwords to remember! “

  3. EmptyNester

    Don’t forget the annual $10, or one time $50, internet connectivity fee. It’s still much less than the Nest, but not quite as big of a difference as it first appears.

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