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How to Use a Coffee Machine with Pods

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Updated February 25, 2023

If you’re shopping for a premium coffee maker, you may wonder how to use a coffee machine with pods. A coffee pod machine uses coffee capsules or pods, like a K-Cup pod. Most pod coffee makers specialize in making a single cup of coffee, but some models can make more. A top-tier single-serve coffee maker will make excellent coffee without the mess of a ground coffee filter. While these models are often associated with espresso machines, they use regular coffee grounds. So, if you want to know how to use a pod coffee maker, read on.


  • First, make sure to fill your water tank with enough water for your single-serve coffee.
  • Put your coffee mug underneath the coffee spout to contain the freshly brewed coffee.
  • Lastly, place your coffee pod in the cup cavity and shut the lid. Some coffee machines will start automatically, while others will require the press of a button.

The most crucial factor for using this type of appliance is finding suitable coffee pods for your model. It may be beneficial to learn how a pod coffee maker works to understand why this is important. In addition, some pod coffee machines do not provide the option to use a pot but instead need at least a six-ounce cup for your hot coffee or other single-serving cups that are coffee maker compatible. You can check out our great article on how to use single-serve coffee makers to learn more about these types of machines. Alternatively, you may want to check out our comparison of two of the top pod coffee makers on the market in Keurig coffee maker vs Nespresso.


Never touch the water spout while your coffee maker is in use. For the safest handling, you should avoid touching the spout for about half an hour after your coffee is done.

If you’d like to see another alternative to a regular coffee brewer, see our guide on using a coffee percolator. And if you only have k cups, don’t worry you can use them in your percolator, too. To learn more, check out our article on how to use k cups in a regular coffee maker. Aditionally, you can read our review of the Nespresso Vertuoline for another alternative. With so many different types of brewers, each one has different energy needs. If you are concerned about power draw, you may be curious how many watts a coffee maker uses. Now, let’s get to why you clicked on this article.

How to Use a Pod Coffee Machine

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Try to properly recycle your coffee pods if you want to curb the environmental impact of making your favorite coffee.


Before grabbing your coffee, make sure to fill the removable water reservoir or tank. Use at least six ounces of water to make a single brew size; more if you’re using a larger mug or thermal cup. Making sure you have enough water can prevent your coffee maker from making a humming sound.


Take your coffee cup and place it under the hot water nozzle. Pick a mug that matches the amount of water you poured into the water tank.


Take your compatible regular or espresso coffee pod and place it in the coffee maker. There should be a button release at the top center of the coffee machine. If your coffee pod is compatible, it should go in smooth, but it will be a tight fit. Don’t forget, coffee isn’t the only drink you can make with a single-serve machine, you can also learn how to make tea in a coffee maker.

STAT: According to a recent survey from Gallup, 70% of Americans in the Eastern US drink at least one cup of coffee per day. (source)


Close the coffee machine lid and select your brew strength. That said, some models start automatically once the lid is closed.


After the expected brew time, your coffee should be ready. Remove your used pod from the machine and wipe away any mess from your coffee maker. If you descale your device after this and its cleaning light doesn’t turn off, we can help you stop your coffee machine cleaning light from flashing. Otherwise, you cannot use any brewing options.


Can I use coffee pods in a regular coffee maker?

Yes, you can use pods just like regular ground coffee. That said, you need to open the pod first and pour the contents into a coffee filter. Keep in mind you’ll want to change your machine from a standard brew to a single-serve cycle if that option is available.

Can you reuse K-Cup Pods?

Unless otherwise noted, coffee pods are single-use. While you can make multiple cups with the same pod, the result will be a drink that tastes like hot water rather than coffee. For best results, use a different pod for each cup of coffee, even for strong espresso pods.

Who invented pod coffee makers?

Eric Farve invented the Nestle Nespresso in 1976, but it was not patented until 1979. Farve then developed the Monodor, a different pod coffee machine, in 1991.

How to use the Recycle a Cup® cutter?

You can empty a used pod or brew a K-Cup without a Keurig by using the Recycle a Cup cutter. Place the tool on the top of the coffee pod and twist the cutter to the right to remove the top.

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