Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you’re looking for the best blenders for hot liquids, a best blender to puree food, or a best blender with glass jar, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi Function Blender is a blender worth considering. It works well with most household applications, is dishwasher safe, and has a unique wave action system that can eliminate ice chunks in your smoothies.

Why We Like It – Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender is a BPA Free, powerful, and highly versatile at home blender. At 700 watts, it’s more powerful than your average home blender and is one of the most affordable blenders we’ve seen thus far. There won’t be any downside to at least trying it out to see if it’s right for you.

  • Works Well For Most Household Applications
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Wave Action System Eliminates Ice Chunks
  • Repeated Dishwasher Use Can Cause Parts to Wear
  • Loud


The Hamilton Beach Blender, despite not being a top-of-the-line model, still boasts a pretty impressive 700 watts of power which is more than you can say for your average household blender. If you do want something outrageously high, consider the Cleanblend Blender. So if you just need a blender to crush your frozen fruit into a smoothie, you’ll find a friend in the Hamilton Beach Blender.


The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender has all the speed settings you’ll ever need in a blender. With twelve in total, making your smoothie is as easy as pouring in your liquid, adding any of the hard foods you want, putting on the jar lid, and beginning blending! If twelve seems like not enough speed settings, consider the Breville BSB510XL, which has 15 different settings.


The glass jar on the Hamilton Beach Blender is BPA-Free and dishwasher safe. Pretty standard practice, but we appreciate it nonetheless. However, repeated dishwasher use can cause the parts to wear, so it may be better to wash it by hand. Further, there’s no sound shield, so the blender can get rather loud.


There are a few blenders Hamilton Beach offers that are made of stainless steel, and, fortunately, this one is not one of those blenders. A unique feature to the Hamilton Beach Blender is the wave action system. This system continuously pulls ingredients down into the crushing blades for smoother results. No more ice chunks will appear in your smoothies. And this effect is further amplified with the standard Pulse features.


Compared to other blenders, such as the Vitamix 5200 Blender, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite is a very, very affordable buy for your at-home blender. It comes backed by a three year limited warranty, which is always welcome, and the jar, lid, and filler cup are all replaceable should you need to replace them. But really, if you hand wash the blender the warranty will only have to be used in emergency cases.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Wrap Up

There are going to be some downsides to the Hamilton Beach Blender. It’s loud, and constant dishwasher cleaning can wear it down quicker than you’d like. But you can just hand wash it to eliminate this wear. It’s not a bad buy. Especially if you plan to use it for basic applications and with soft ingredients only.

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