GaussLee Hand Pump Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Having an air pump to inflate balloons is good; having an air pump to inflate balloons, summer time intertubes, and so on, is great. With so much versatility crammed into a small device, the GuassLee Hand Pump is shaping up to be the best balloon pump, especially when you’re without an electrical outlet.

Why We Like It – GuassLee Hand Pump

A budget-friendly option for those that plan on blowing up more than balloons—yoga balls and pool floats, included. It’s your one-stop option for air pumping and versatility.

  • Blows air in when squeezed, then released
  • Wide range of compatibility other than balloons
  • Small and portable
  • Poor performance compared to an electric air pump


Most hand balloon pump make air in an inefficient manner. With the GuassLee Hand Pump Double Action Air, multiple air holes were integrated for more efficient air blowing. On top of that, the Guasslee Double Action Air Pumps Hand Inflator makes use of a double-action system: when squeezed, air is pushed in, and when released, more air is pushed in. That means squeezing and letting go are equally important. It’s the same system the Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons uses.

Of course, compared to electric air pumps like IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, the GuassLee Hand Pump doesn’t stand a chance.


Where the GuassLee Hand Pump excels most of all is portability and versatility. Weighing 2.8 oz and having a balloon pump size of 12 x 2-inches, this hand pump is pretty small. More importantly, its multi fit nozzle makes this pump suitable for balloons exercise balls yoga balls pool floats hand pump, in addition to various balloon sizes. Not even the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, with its superior air pumping power, has compatibility with other inflatable things other than balloons.


The GuassLee Inflator for Floats Hand Pump Double Action finds itself in a unique position. It isn’t your typical balloon pump—it’s far more versatile than that. Because it can handle yoga balls, pool floats and other inflatables in addition to balloons, the GuassLee Hand Pump has really good value. It comes with a single pump per package people found, as did we, and has free delivery. It might be the best $6 you’ll ever spend, and worth every penny.

GuassLee Hand Pump Wrap Up

The GuassLee Hand Pump makes up for its poor performance compared to electric air blowers by being versatile. It doesn’t just blow up balloons—yoga balls and the like are also supported, thanks to its design. It’s small, portable, and at least incorporates a double-action system that blows air in when squeezing and releasing.