FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects can protect your car from any spills and damage by kids and adults. The car seat protector is made from a nylon that is easy to clean and is child and pet proof. This product from our list of the Best Car Seat Protector is affordable enough that you can purchase enough to protect all of your car’s seats. These protectors can be used in lots of vehicles and that is one reason it is so appealing.

Why We Like It – FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects

The FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects model is an affordable car seat protector that keeps your seat in pristine condition. It is made from thick padding that is comfortable to sit in, and safely secures infant and booster seats. It has pockets in the bottom to organize any items you may have.

  • Affordable enough to buy for the whole vehicle
  • Oxford 600D is easy to clean
  • Does not fully cover the seat


Product information reveals that the nylon design will protect from any spills and indentations. The car seats protect your factory seats from being mistreated and it is easy to install. If you would like to see similar products like this, you may be interested in the Munchkin 27301. The Fortem car seat protector comes in a pack of two, which makes it one of the most affordable on our list. Aside from protecting your seat, they have bottom storage which will give you more organization while in the vehicle. If you need a cushion pillow to increase your comfort or for lumbar support, check out the Fortem Seat Cushion Pillow.


Your seats will be protected by the waterproof backseat thick padding cover. This product is strapped to the back of your seat, and it does not provide a complete enclosure of the seat. If you would rather find something that completely covers your seats, you may want to look into the Gorla Beige Universal Waterproof Cover. Customer reviews reveal that the seat protectors protected leather seats well all while not leaving any indentation from the product.


New customers can take advantage of a good product, and a better price, for a set of two. Right now customers are saving 9% from its original price and can take advantage of free delivery even without Amazon Prime. The car seat protects the value of your car by keeping it looking as new as possible. The car seat protector waterproof model is perfect for booster and infant car seats. If you would like to find more products that keep your seats safe, you may be interested in the Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector. Speaking of safety, check out our Findingking Portable Hydraulic Wheel Dolly review. An easy to use tool for keeping yourself and others safe when lifting your car.

FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects Wrap Up

The FORTEM Protector Waterproof Backseat Protects is an affordable way to extend the look of your interior car seats. Please try to find additional information for yourself on this model before you make a final decision, but so far this product has been a hit with customers. The thick padding will bring you the comfort you need, and it will be easy to clean thanks to the nylon design. Also, the extra bottom storage will come in handy in helping you organize yourself better.

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