Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Air frying can be a delicious experience, and today’s obsession with tons of features can get in the way sometimes. Let’s strip away extra features and find a straightforward air fryer. It needs to be big enough to feed a single person or perhaps two people. And the basket inside should be easy to clean. The best air fryer and probably the best kitchen appliance to fit that description is the Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer.

Why We Like It – Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer

When you’re finished baking one of 25 recipes given to you inside, cleanup is easy thanks to a dishwasher safe basket that can handle 2 lbs of food. Fair option for singles.

  • Can handle 3.2 quarts of food
  • Basket is dishwasher safe
  • Recipe book includes 25 recipes
  • Often uneven cooking results
  • Lacking in features


Being able to toss in an order or two of fried foods like french fries and onion rings without using so much oil is the best thing the Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer has going for it. This is especially true when considering the recipe book bundled inside. However, food would often cook unevenly; some parts of fries, for example, weren’t as crispy as others. You have to keep a close eye on the food, unfortunately, and should know when to stir or shake, or else you run into uneven cooking. That was something we didn’t have to worry about with the Cosori Electric Air Fryer.


The HF-919B Farberware Air Fryer is very small in size—and it’s meant to be. You won’t be creating large extravagant meals for dozens of people; instead, this is better suited for one or two people, depending on the meal. Its quart size is 3.2, which is equal to about 2 lbs of food. The GoWise USA GW22731 is best suited for family as it can reach as much as 7 quarts. Like other air fryers, the fryer basket has dishwasher safe properties as that’s the only part that really gets dirty.


Having a bunch of features in your way can be a drag. Why add a learning curve between you and your food? In this case, features should have been added. For $50, you aren’t getting much except temperature control and a timer. It lacks any concrete add-ons like a shake and stir alarm or automatic shutdown. Given its average performance and very basic design, you’re better off putting an extra $15 aside and purchasing a GoWise USA 3.7 Quart Air Fryer instead.

Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer Wrap Up

By all accounts, the Farberware HF-919B Air Fryer is average at best. When you aren’t paying attention, the food will cook unevenly. Having more than a timer and temperature controls would’ve helped, especially to take advantage of the 25 recipes inside. Still, when used correctly, it’s a decent air fryer for singles and couples.

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