Every Guitarist Needs The Roadie Tuner

roadie turner

Whether you’re actually in a band or play the guitar for fun, you definitely need the Roadie Turner, a new Kickstarter campaign that will tune your guitar quickly and accurately. Touted as the “ultimate guitar tool,” the Roadie Turner will take the guesswork out of tuning your guitar so that it always sounds great and will inform you of the quality of your strings, in addition to recommending when it needs to be restrung as soon as the tone quality decreases. When creating the Roadie, creators thought of both beginners and advanced players, taking into account a simple way to overcome the frustration of making the guitar sound good and the precision, speed and ability to quickly switch between customizable alternate tunings.

When using the Roadie, guitars will have a fuller sound without the fuss of tuning so that users can spend more tone perfecting their skills and music. It can work with all types of guitars and can also tune any string instrument that’s equipped with guitar machine heads. It works with the free app for your smartphone, tablet or iPod via Bluetooth 4.0 smart – with all the audio processing happening here, which sends tuning commands to the Roadie. Just place your phone in front of your guitar, connect roadie to the desired strings peg and then strum the string. The device will fine tune your guitar in a few seconds and can change tunings in less than a minute. The app also features a list of alternate tunings for your guitar and will allow you to create your own custom tunings, too. And the more you use it, the more the device will learn about your instrument and provide you with more  accurate predictions. Get yours by pledging $79 or more.

roadie turner

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