Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet Review

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Updated June 28, 2022
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If Best Cool Wallets, to you, means something eco-friendly, then refining your search to the Best Vegan Wallets will be beneficial. Enter the durable and aesthetically-unorthodox Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet, an excellent choice for eco-friendly people looking to push fashion boundaries.

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Why We Like It – Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet

The Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet sports an unorthodox design, but that’s part of its charm. It’s constructed from duct tape, which is the most durable of all the tapes (would you ever have expected someone to say that about a wallet), and still manages to weigh only 2.5 ounces.

  • Trifold Plus Snap Closure for Added Security
  • RFID-Blocking Technology
  • Can Fit A Lot of Credit Cards and Cash
  • A Lot of Clear Card Windows
  • Duct Tape Construction May Not be for Everybody


The Ducti Super Duct Tape Wallet presents a very unorthodox appearance thanks, in large part, to the duct-tape design. So if your goal is to set yourself as far away from the crowd as possible, this is the wallet to accomplish that. Typically, we would dock points for lack of color options, but a duct tape wallet should only appear in gray, so we’ll let it slide. If you do want color options, consider The Hiscow Wallet instead.


As you may have already guessed, the wallet is made out of duct tape while also featuring nickel-plated grommets to reinforce the snap closure. You would think a wallet made from heavy-duty duct tape would be heavier too, but the wallet weighs only two and a half ounces. More than the Slimfold Minimalist Wallet, but still very lightweight regardless.


One of the best things about the Ducti Super Duct Tape Wallet is that it comes with RFID-Blocking Technology. It’s not a commonplace technology just yet, but some, such as this and the Kinzd Wallet, are adopting it, and it will soon become standard wallet technology. And why shouldn’t it? If it protects you from identity thieves, I welcome it.


Despite its unusualness, the wallet is compartmentalized well. It features six credit card slots, two hidden compartments, and quite a bit of transparent card windows. I don’t understand the need for so many transparent windows, but the secret compartments and plentiful card slots are always welcome. It’s a lengthwise wallet too, so it’s easy to accommodate bills as well.


At a measly $15.00, the Ducti Super Duct Tape Wallet is very affordable and can easily be a test wallet if you’ve ever been curious about unorthodox things. It’s got a good rating on Amazon, a 4.5/5, even if reviews are a little scarce (35 reviews in total). Still, most comment on how they have been fans for a long time, so that’s a good start.

Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet Wrap Up

Other than aesthetics, the Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Trifold Wallet has everything you want in a wallet. And even then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Maybe you’re the type to find the duct tape construction of the wallet appealing. And to that end, the wallet might as well be perfect.

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