BMW's i8 LCD Key FOB Displays Useful Car Info | Gadget Review

BMW’s i8 LCD Key FOB Displays Useful Car Info

bmw i8 key FOB

BMW’s new i8 is a pretty next level ride. And it’s only fitting that the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car (that will debut this spring for $136,000) features a next-level key FOB, which is why it’s currently creating a cool buzz. The key FOB is pretty special since it has its own high-res LCD display that will provide owners with useful info on the car at any time they want it. The high-tech key provides vital signs like how much gas is left, current capable range, whether the car’s locked or not and more. The i8 key uses Bluetooth Low Energy so you won’t have to worry about battery drain when checking vital signs outside of the i8.

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