BMW’s 30th Anniversary M5 Celebrates With More Power

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BMW has been making the M5 for three decades. That’s impressive in of itself, but BMW is, well, BMW, and they’re never content to rest on their laurels. Hence, the 30th Anniversary M5, which is just a wee bit of overkill.

More Power!

Essentially, BMW is celebrating by upping the horsepower. The current M5 on the market has 560 horsepower, which is already quite a bit, but the anniversary edition bumps that up to 600 hp even. For a little contrast, the first M5 had 252 horsepower, so BMW’s been putting in the engineering work. As a complete and total coincidence, that also gives it the most horsepower in its class. Yeah, we can’t imagine why BMW wanted that. Worth noting: Mercedes still has it beaten when it comes to torque, albeit just barely, so that’s probably the next thing BMW’s engineering gnomes are working on.


Beyond that, really, it’s all about the upgrades. The styling hasn’t changed, obviously, but BMW’s competitive package comes standard with this anniversary edition, and there’s a control module dedicated entirely to the differential. Oh, and you don’t get a choice in color; it comes in silver (well, Frozen Dark Silver, but come on, nobody can tell the difference between the shades of colors), and that’s all you get.

Celebrating An Anniversary With An Expensive Present

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That said, for all the limited options, all we really know about buying this car is that it’s going to cost you quite a lot of money. Only 300 will be available overall, only 30 of those available in the US, and in order to actually buy one, you’ll need to monitor BMW’s Instagram for the phone number you need to call in order to actually book one of those thirty slots to buy the vehicle. On the other hand, at least they’re not overdoing it, right?

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