Battery drain has been a problem since we all started using our cell phones for more than just phone calls. While some phones like the new Droid Turbo have a two day battery life, other phones don’t last quite as long. By the end of the day, many smartphone users suffer from 5% battery syndrome. Now, AMPY is here to change that by allowing users to power their devices simply by exercising — 10,000 steps (the daily average), an hour of cycling or 30 minutes of running will power your smartphone for 3 hours.

AMPY is a wearable device that captures energy from your motion, turning it into power to charge any USB-powered device. It is compatible with iPhone devices as well as Android devices, or any other device that has a USB cord. AMPY stores energy generated from your movement in the internal lithium ion battery. Of course, if you’re lazy like me, you can also charge the AMPY via a micro-USB port.

If you’re thinking that this might only create some low-powered, slow charge, then think again; the AMPY charges your devices just as fast as a standard wall outlet. The AMPY comes with an accessory kit that allows you to capture energy virtually anyway you’d like. There will also be an AMPY smartphone app for users to track how much power they’ve generated, the number of calories burned and the carbon footprint offset from charging with AMPY.

AMPY is currently on Kickstarter, although it has already squandered its initial goal of $100,000, currently having $271,080 in pledged money with still 5 days remaining.

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