abode Challenges Scout Alarm in the “Ultra-DIY” Home Security Market

As the DIY home security market has blossomed over the past few years, a couple different styles of system have started to branch off from one another to accommodate every different type of customer. While some options like our #1 pick for the Best Home Security system of 2018 – FrontPoint Home Security – require an extra touchscreen panel to work (and will only go live once you’ve completed an installation over the phone with an agent), other options like Scout Alarm only need you and your smartphone to get up and running.

This “Ultra-DIY” style of system is great for people who have smaller homes or apartments, as well as anyone who just doesn’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee to get 24/7 live monitoring tacked on to the overall cost of keeping where they live secure. Rather than stick to the more traditional model long established by industry giants like Bay or ADT, these systems connect using Ethernet to monitoring centers which can be activated or de-activated at will.

abode home security system hub
The abode hub doubles as a one-stop home automation system.

abode Home Security takes these two approaches and marries them together, and no, we didn’t miss a capital letter at the beginning of this sentence. “abode” Home Security, uses many of the same elements found in the Scout Alarm system (easy-to-install sensors, smartphone linked to main hub), and improves upon them by adding the option for professional monitoring if you really want it. See, Scout Alarm only works if you or someone in your “security circle” has their phone on with bars of service. It relies on a crowdsourced-style of security where you’re meant to keep your neighbors in the loop in case your home gets broken into. They’ll call the police, or you will, if you happen to get the alert on your phone while an invasion is already in progress.

Update: Scout also offers professional monitoring, though it’s not mandatory in order to use their system.

On the Free plan abode Home Security works in much the same way, but unlike Scout, abode give you the option to buy “packs” of live monitoring services to fill in the gaps (when you’re on a plane and out of service, for example).

This way while you’re in your hometown you’ll be able to run the system completely free of charge, but once you are gearing up to head out of town for a bit you can buy a 3-day or 7-day professional monitoring for $8 and $15, respectively.

This sort of “pay as you go” option is a first in the home security space, and gives consumers a better option when they’re trying to decide whether to take the plunge on a full system w/ contract, or just install a Scout that needs them to be in range of a cell tower in order to keep their home safe.

abode Home Security starter pack systems are available now for $359.00 at abode.

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  1. Scout Alarm hubs have had a 3G module and optional professional monitoring plans for quite a while now —
    most certainly well before the 09/2017 update timestamp (though when this article was originally written I have no idea).

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