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Escort makes many great devices for your car, including the Escort iX Long Range radar detector.  Earlier this year I reviewed the 2015 Range Rover Autobiography Edition.  Sitting inside is like taking a bath in luxury. Leather every where, tech as far as the eyes can see, and a buttery smooth ride. It all sounds good, right?  That is until I got a speeding ticket.  Yes, the Ranger Rover’s ride is so smooth I didn’t realize I was speeding.  The same can be said for most that get a speeding ticket; that they weren’t even aware that they were speeding. Learn more on What Else to Think About choosing the best Radar Detector.

escort-max-360So in the aforementioned instance, and all of those going forward, I wish I had the Escort 360 radar detector.  It provides 360 degrees of detection, is super simple to setup, and for those looking to step out of the dark ages (I’m looking at you Valentine One) there is smartphone app that works with Androids and iPhones.  If that isn’t enough, there are arrows on the face of the Max 360 indicating where the threat (i.e. police) are, dual antennas for maximum protection, best in range DSP, and a GPS auto learn function that automatically rejects false alerts over time.

Now, before you categorically go poo-pooing radar detectors, there are a few things you should know.


  • Escort is so confident in their tech, they’re willing to pay for your speeding ticket if you acquire one while using the Max 360
  • If you don’t think you’re a speeder, think again.  Odds are you speed, which makes you a potential victim of a speed trap.
  • The average speeding ticket cost $150.  Buying an Escort pays for that and protects you from future tickets.
  • Radar detectors are 100% legal with the exception of Washington D.C and Virginia.


So the above is all well and good.  But, what about my experience with the Max 360.  In short, it has been great, save for one minor issue.

Setup is ultra easy.  Included is a carrying case, a cigarette lighter plug, and a windshield mount.  The latter is not a suction cup, but sort of a combination of suction cup and sticky.  This was the only shortcoming I found with the Max 360; the sticker didn’t stay, well, permanently stuck on my windshield.  Though a reapplication, as in resticking it to my windshield easily solved the problem.

Using the Max 360 is simple as pie.  Just mount, plug in and turn on.  Yes, it’s that simple.  The arrows on the front of the detector will tell you where the threat is coming from.  There are a settings for city, highway as well as an auto setting. Just make sure that the detector can see in front and behind you to view threats from all angles.

That said, I decided my experience should be with the iPhone app, which connects to the detector over Bluetooth.  Pairing the two is like any other Bluetooth device; quick and painless.  Once you’re paired, you garner far more information at a glance, such as your speed, additional alerts, crowd sourced speed trap alerts, and the ability to easily teach (and silence) the Max 360.

There, in the app, your Max 360 will also provide updates to the crowd.  Now, one caveat to the app, is that it requires a premium subscription of $49.99 a year.  However, the first year is included for free, and if one so choses, you could run it in tandem with Waze – just a tip.  And for those worried about your phone’s battery, don’t.  The Max 360 will automatically shut down location data tracking after 10 minutes of inactivity, which I love, because I’m a battery nut and there is nothing worse than a drained battery after a short drive.

So you’re probably wondering if I was “saved”?  Fortunately, and unfortunately not.  Fortunately, because that means I would have been speeding and almost ran into a speed trap. To be clear, I don’t endorse speeding and nor does Escort.  In fact, the Max 360 is positioned more as a preventative measure, which is to say it makes you much more cognizant of your speed and driving style.   And unfortunately, because I wasn’t able to say that the Max 360 saved me from a speed trap…or did it.  But in this instance, and much like Escort ethos, better safe than sorry.

To conclude, the Max 360 provides unparalleled protection, probably even when compared with the Valentine One, a detector that is getting long in the tooth, to say the least.  Set up is simple, the app is clean and easy to use, and you simply can’t beat the fact that Escort will pay for your first speeding ticket in the event that you get one.

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