The 2014 Lucra L148 Is An American Speed Machine


Lucra is a boutique car manufacturer with a mission; produce supercars in America. And if the Lucra L148, their 2014 model, is anything to go by, that mission is well underway.

Bugatti Killer

Lucra’s best known model, the LC470, was undeniably a monster on the road; it went zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds, and could do a quarter mile in 9.1 seconds, putting it in an elite club of vehicles that probably cost more than your house. But the LC470 was not exactly a comfortable car, forsaking everything else, even climate control, for speed. It was a race car, full stop. The L148 is designed to be somewhat more luxurious.

All… Well, Some Of The Luxuries

Being ever so slightly more road friendly than the LC470, the L148 includes amenities, like, say, a roof. It also includes luxuries such as a satellite radio and GPS. In other words, it’s a car you can actually drive at sedate speeds and use as a car if you were so inclined.

On the other hand, considering the technology involved, you probably won’t. The body is a solid piece of carbon fiber with holes cut for various ports and parts. And, of course, there are parts from the masters; while Lucra is a bit coy about what engine resides under the hood, it’s believed to be one of GM’s high performance LSX engines; either way, it’s a 4.7 liter V8, and it comes with a Mercedes transmission to ensure you get the most power put to the ground.

Speed Demon


Either way, even with the added weight of making it a car you’ll show off, it seems unlikely that the L148 will lose any of the speed of its stablemate. That said, it will set you back quite a bit more; right now, the L148 is running a $250,000 price tag.

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