Driving will be a lot more fun with Jaguar Land Rover’s new Virtual Windscreen concept that’ll provide drivers with an interactive virtual display on their vehicle’s windshield. The concept technology will sort of be like an augmented-reality experience while you drive (or really race), offering you info on speed info and lap times, in real time. Although just a concept at the moment (since the technology doesn’t exist yet), Jaguar Land Rover and their team are working with their suppliers to develop the needed technology, with a spokesperson telling Mashable that they’re estimating to have it available in their vehicles in about 10 years. Here’s a few cool features on the concept:

1. It’ll Use The Entire Windscreen


A driver’s eyes never have to leave the road since it’l take up the entire windscreen on the vehicle. All the needed icons like hazard, speed and navigation, will all be projected together onto the screen in real time. The technology can possibly replace the instrument cluster, creating a more minimalist interior for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. All the virtual images displayed on the windscreen will allow for “better decision-making and offer real benefits for every day driving on the road, or track,” says Dr. Wolfgang Epple, ¬†Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Research and Technology in the company’s press release.

2. Road And Tracking Driving Aides


The Virtual Windscreen would display virtual racing lines of upcoming track for optimum racing performance, guiding drivers while they test out their vehicle’s capabilities while out on the race track (like in an actual video game). This will help drivers anticipate what’s up ahead so that they’re ready for anything while out on the race track. Then when a sharp curve comes around, those virtual racing lines will change color to let drivers know that they need to brake. It’ll even indicate optimum braking positions on serious curves so that the driver can smoothly downshift into the curve before speeding up again.

3. Ghost Car Racing


This is sort of like a video game feature that allows drivers to improve their lap times by racing a “ghost car.” This ghost car visualization allows drivers to race other virtual drivers on a real track by competing against real lap times that are uploaded by other drivers or previous lap times recorded by that very driver.

4. Virtual Cones

For those novice drivers out there, the system will feature virtual cones that can be laid out on the tracker ahead for training newbies on the track. And as the driver gets better, these virtual cones can be moved accordingly until they’re ready to tackle the track on their own.

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