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Imagine a world where you can turn on the TV or send an email with one simple twist of your ring. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Thanks to Logbar Inc.’s Kickstarter campaign, you actually now live in that world with their new innovative Ring input device that puts gesture control and home automation on your finger! You can literally control anything you want since it works like magic. You can send texts, control home appliances and more all at once and in seconds. You can even pay your bills using one single gesture.


On the outside, the device looks like any ordinary ring, but it’s what’s inside that counts! It’s packed with electronics that will recognize finger gestures so you can control your personal space.¬†So far, the ring has four distinct features: gesture control, text transmission that allows you to type letter anywhere or anytime, payment information transmission and receive/alert function (which allows you to detect incoming transmissions/alerts via a built-in vibration and LED). To use the ring, all you have to do is wear it on your index finger then start gesturing by tapping on its touch sensor and then hold your finger to end it. Each application of the Ring has it’s own unique gesture mark that are easy to do or you can customize the gestures from the accompanying app on your smartphone or tablet.

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It’s text function allows wearers to write text messages by simply drawing the letter in thin air (you have to follow its stroke order, but it’s basically how you’d write a letter on paper). But you can also access apps by drawing designated shapes in the air, so if you draw out a music note, it will then access your smartphone’s music player. If a device is compatible with the Ring’s software then it’ll directly connect it, but there’s also Hub paring for those devices like home appliances which were previously incompatible with the software. It uses GPS or iBeacon to make payments¬†at participating stores, restaurants and even person-to person. This is where you could assign a checkmark gesture for payment. Battery life is said to allow up to 1,000 gestures before it needs to be recharged, meaning it can go up to about 3 weeks or more depending on how much you use it.

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In all, the Ring sounds like an awesome device that will simplify your life. But the only downfall is that it’s not waterproof, meaning you’ll have to take it off every time you wash your hands (or even wearing it when it rains might pose a problem). Right now, you can get one for pledging $165 or more. At launch, its app is only available for iOS and Android device, but there will be a Windows Phone version in the near future.

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