garmin dashcam

Garmin is mostly notable for its GPS systems, but it’s been expanding into other products, ranging from fitness trackers to pilot’s watches. And now it’s finally giving America what it deserves: A GPS dashcam.

Russian Style

Dashcam footage has become a meme thanks to Russia’s sketchy court and insurance system, which puts burden of proof on the driver instead of the person doing the hitting. But even though we’ve got better legal protections over here, we also can’t drive either, and having evidence of misbehavior never hurts. That’s where this dashcam comes in; when there’s an accident, it’ll record both your precise location and the exact time in the footage’s metadata.

Dash Attack

It’s actually got a lot more to it than just videotaping potential awful driving on the road. First of all, it’s in HD, giving it more detail and making it possible to extract details like licenses plates from the video footage. Secondly, you can pull the camera off the dash and use it in Snapshot mode to take photos of damage from that fenderbender (or the enraged driver freaking out). Otherwise, it’s in a continuous record mode as long as its plugged in. It uses a microSD card to take down the footage, and you can swap out the included 4GB card with something a bit more roomy, up to 32GB. Oh, and there’s a microphone as well, to record any surprised reactions and make those YouTube videos funnier.

Legal Safety


Most of us probably aren’t concerned with taping the terrible driving we see, but by the same token, you never know when something like this will become useful. Especially if you live in a state with a lot of lousy driving, or you just want to ensure that your bases are covered, this is just $250 for the GPS-enabled version.

Dan Seitz

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