Google’s Glass has some competition! Vuzix has announced its M2000AR HMD smart glasses that benefits from the new Wavequide optics that’s built in partnership with Nokia. While Google Glass is meant to be for the general population, Vuzix’s smart glasses is targeted toward industrial users, but one for consumers isn’t far behind. The device allows maintenance to training personnel to access important information without interrupting their view of the world around them. They can use it to record and playback maintenance and repair procedures while out in the field, view video or instrument displays without dangerous loss of spatial awareness and so much more. IT features a ruggedized aluminum enclosure so it can be mounted on the side of a helmet, head-strap or any other way.

The M2000AR HMD features a 720p display that’s integrated into its monocular lens and also features a 1080p camera, integrated head tracking and the option of right monochrome or slightly more subdued full-color screens. Vuzix says that their hologram-based system is lighter, less bulky and produces better graphics that the optics featured on headset like Google’s Glass. When connected to a computer, mobile device or another host device to provide video, the device can act like a mobile display system or use its built-in camera of augmented or mixed reality content overlaying the user’s view of equipment or their environment. The M2000AR HMD can also be connected to various HDMI-and USB-equipped host devices like tablets, portable laptops, smartphones and more. And because the device is pretty specialized, it flaunts a $6,000 price tag.


Kristie Bertucci

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