Most of us will never get a chance to drive, let alone own, Lamborghini’s luxurious, ridiculous supercar the Gallardo. And now that’s really impossible, because the Gallardo is being replaced with the Huracán, an even more luxurious and ridiculous supercar.

It’s Pronounced Who-Rah-Can

Being as it’s a Lamborghini, the name takes a little explanation. Huracán is not, in fact, a “hurricane”, but the name of a bull known for its courage and its ability to flatten matadors. In other words, it’s more or less exactly what you name a car that costs more than you’ll make in a lifetime. So what’s it got, beyond a name with pedigree?


First of all, this is just the base model; Lamborghini will happily be adding toys and features to this to create different models. Which explains why it’s an automatic-only, for now, much to the consternation of racing fans. But the engine is a substantial step up, with 610 horsepower compared to the Gallardo’s 520. The standard version is also shockingly light, thanks to aluminum and carbon fiber construction: It’s just 3,134 pounds, as light as the pared down Gallardo variants. As you might expect, that much horsepower pulling that little weight means you’ve got a very fast car: The top speed is currently measured at 201 mph and it can go zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. Good thing it’s got carbon ceramic brakes.

Road Warrior


Lamborghini will be showing off the Huracán in preview events across the world before officially debuting it at the Geneva auto show. Currently, there’s no word on pricing, or what Lamborghini’s going to do to this thing to make it faster, lighter, and generally more over-the-top, but we’re sure word on that will be coming sooner, rather than later.

Dan Seitz

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