For those who like to hit the waves or tackle mountains with their snowboards can now record all their adventures with the Cyclops, which is a line of wearable 1080p Wi-Fi cameras built right into sunglasses and goggles. The hands-free line was created for skiers, surfers, and adventure seekers in general so that they can easily record anything, anywhere without the hassle of having to carry anything. Think of it as Google Glass combined with a GoPro, but at a fairly reasonable price of $179 for full 1080p HD.

But for the price, you also get some stylish, UV protective sunglasses and googles and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities or built-in SD card up to 64 GB. Cyclops was created by self-professed sports junkie and outdoorsman, Mark Krause, who wanted to find a great and easy way to capture all his excursions. Since he realized there was nothing on the market that suited him to capture anything he wanted without the need for his hands or adding extra bulk that could affect his performance, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own unique device.

Kristie Bertucci

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