Pioneer AppRadio 3 Hands On

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Pioneer AppRadio 3-005
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    • gadgetreview

      That I maybe. But at LEAST I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Whose the idiot now…or is it know?

      • At least I know the difference between “maybe” and and “may be” :P

        Also, DVDs and certain visual elements require the parking brake to be on. You mentioned in your article that with the parking brake on, DVDs and visuals elements won’t work. Even still, a $10 parking brake over-ride can remedy that problem (a safety feature almost all the brands incorporate for legal reasons). I am considering the Appradio 3. I previously had a $1200 Pioneer head unit with navigation in my old car and I loved it so much that it was worth every penny. Normally, such a high price tag would make my knees week as I puke a little in my mouth. However, after using one of Pioneer’s flagship AVIC head units, the price tag is more than justified. I’m just torn on whether I buy this $500 Appradio 3 or the $1200 AVIC-z150bh (which includes Appradio mode).

        A competing product to the Appradio is the Parrot Asteroid Smart. It seems to have the same functions as Appradio 3 plus a few extra. It’s only $50 more than the Appradio, though you don’t get the Pioneer quality for car audio. I’m sure it has strengths that are missing from the Pioneer and vice verse. So, I’m torn between the AppRadio 3 for $500, the Parrot Asteroid Smart for $550, or the Pioneer AVIC-z150bh for $1200. I’m hesitant to go with the Asteroid Smart, only because I don’t have any experience with Parrot, though they seem to be a good Bluetooth/handsfree company.

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