Lehmann Aviation’s LA100: First Flying Platform for GoPro Users (video)

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3 Comments to Lehmann Aviation’s LA100: First Flying Platform for GoPro Users (video)

  1. Thinking of buying a Lehman Aviation product ? I have field experience over 12 countries with their aircrafts as their global instructor. Visit Ben4UAV dot com and feel free to contact me for unbiased advice.

  2. Get your information right. this is not the first flying platform for the gopro and this one is not very good not to mention way too overpriced. I still have my doubts this system works at all. I enjoy my 40 minute flying with my gopro on my wing. it’s called FPV and this Lehmann Aviation is far from an enjoyable and controlled experience. Again, if this system works at all.

    • Dude this thing has nothing to do with an RC aircraft. From what i understood you dont have to be a pilot to fly the la100 as it is a fully automatic UAV (not an RC plane again) for NON-FLIERS. And it seems to work perfectly.. As for me, i find this stuff awesome! I would love to have one for myself..

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