Should You Switch from an iPhone to a Nexus 4? I Did, and I’m Pleased as Punch

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

8 Comments to Should You Switch from an iPhone to a Nexus 4? I Did, and I’m Pleased as Punch

  1. Rick Stanton

    I wish AT&T would put this phone on its list of 4G LTE phones it offers. I love this phone but since I have AT&T, I’ll likely get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since it’s on 4G LTE. I work at a graphics design firm and think it would be great for viewing large images of my work before sending it to my New York clients or to my printers. I have to have the 4G speed now.

  2. Zachary Parker

    Google Now isn’t exclusive to Nexus phones, it’s a standard feature of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher. The Droid RAZR M has it, and I think the Galaxy S3 either has it now or is getting it soon.

  3. Ive been thinking about picking this phone up. I traded my iPhone 5 for a Galaxy S3 and have been happy with it. The battery life on the S3 is not where I would like it to be, but its not a huge issue. May end up selling my S3 and picking up this badboy.

  4. Battery life seems to be hit and miss with people. Myself … I’m getting about 20 – 30 hours w/ 3 – 4 hours of that being screen time. I only have NFC disabled. I ran a movie screen test (transformers) and I got 5 1/2 hours until it died. Battery life is certainly not the best that is out there, but it more then meets my needs. As far as the rest of the unit goes it by far exceeded my expectations.

    In terms of a comparison to iphone … my wife has the 4s … so i get to do tech support on that thing. For me the Android OS is by far superior. No matter how you want your phone to look, or what you want it to do … the Nexus can do it. The iphone is what Apple wants you to be able to do … I have a problem with that. Don’t get me wrong, the iphone is still a good phone, but Apple stopped being innovative after the iphone 4 was released … iOS is dated, and very limiting.

    Once you factor in the price difference, it’s not even a contest.

    • gadgetreview

      Sean, that’s a pretty astute comment; ” No matter how you want your phone to look, or what you want it to do … the Nexus can do it. The iphone is what Apple wants you to be able to do.” I suppose that it boils down to customization, which is sorely missing on the iPhone. That isn’t to say you can do anything you want on the Nexus 4, at least out of the box, or so it would seem, but it’s far more customizable and flexible. As I stated I’m a bit disappointed with the camera, and there are a few things I’d change in terms of hardware design, but all in all it’s a solid device. I’m glad to hear that you’re battery life is pretty good. I think I fall victim to new phone syndrome with the battery. That is to say I’m constantly playing with it, so the screen was burning up a fair bit of juice, which is further evidenced by the wonderful battery info found in the settings menu.

  5. I too switched from an iPhone (4S in my case) to the Nexus 4. I’m getting about 14 hrs battery life with good use (location,bluetooth,wifi, etc on) and love it. I can hit 20hrs with light use (minimal texting and screen on time). I found with a side by side that I’d end up with 12% battery life at 10pm (from 6am) as opposed opposed to maybe 30% at 10pm on the iPhone (4S) but still. Sailing through the day with no woes.

    Camera is good, not great, but with the filters and built in editing I find that I can achieve a photo with nearly similar results.

    Connects to my Google accounts, car bluetooth and Mac (oddly enough) better than my iPhone. Sure it’s got some bugs as Android does, but until Apple gets their act together and allows better app integration and introduces a 4.5+” screen, I’m Nexus 4 all the way.

    • gadgetreview

      iCloud never worked right for me. I had duplicates left and right, which is probably some what related to user error, but Apple should have designed for that. Google on the other hand allows you to dedupe within gmail. Have you seen any charging issues with your Nexus 4? Sometimes mine won’t charge to full, or it takes hours to get there.

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