Portable charging devices are nothing new. Even companies like Solio and Eton have kicked out similar devices–some of which are actually powered by the Sun! Neat right? I think so. As someone who is often on the go or away from both car and wall charging options, such items offer life-giving blood to my thirsty mobile devices.

Now Satechi has tossed their hat in to the fray with the Portable Energy Station 10000. This is a dual USB portable charger, with high amp output. It weighs about 1.5lbs and features six different interchangeable connections to support nearly all major devices. The Portable Energy Station 10000 works as advertised. But let’s dig in to see just how well it performs.

As I mentioned, the Satechi’s dual USB portable charger obviously sports two standard 2.0 USB ports and a Mini USB port to makes use of the included wall adapter for adequately charging the unit itself. It actually charges too full (represented by 5-LED lights) in less than 30min, which is not too shabby. Once fully charged, you can connect any two devices with support one of the seven connection types. These include all manner of Smartphones tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and more. Just make sure your device is among the following: iPhone, Samsung D800 or sucks juice through a Nokia MINI port, micro USB, mini USB or Samsung G800.

Although the Energy Station 10000 works like it should, it does so in its own good time. Charging a dead iPad (the original) to just 75% took nearly four hours! That’s a massive amount of time and simply too long for the moderate to power user. The iPad was not in use the entire time. So there was no additional power draw. Charging the iPad 2 was no less daunting. In fact all devices we tested seemed to suck that much-needed energy like new baby lowly savoring its nursing time with Mama. It seems to function more as a way to maintain a device’s juice and power status, in order for users to continue their work long enough to get to a garden variety charging option. It’s definitely not going to replace your standard power-up way of life.

Still the Satechi Portable Energry Station 10000, is  sleek, light weight and packs everything in a soft cloth pouch to accentuate the on-the-go demur. It might not be your main juice stand but it can definitely offer a few crucial swigs of digital coffee to keep your devices awake and functioning.


Editor Rating:

Rating: ★★★½☆


Bottom Line: The Satechi never promised speed. So I guess I shouldn’t expect it. It does what it purports. Sadly it takes it’s sweet time doing so. But if keeping your device alive until the next subway or bus stop is what you need, then the Portable Energy Station 10000′s go the juice.


  • Fully charged and ready to perform in 30min
  • Dual USB  + 6 different interchangeable connections
  • Handy portable charging


  • Snail’s pace charging of devices

You can buy the Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 at Amazon for $59.99.



Shawn Sanders

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