Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (comparison)

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ipad 3 vs Surface
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22 Comments to Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (comparison)

  1. Computron Appleton

    I don’t like the iPad. I love my black Microsoft Surface. I also don’t have a iPhone and iPod. I have a black Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and I love it. I am not a big fan of Apple.

  2. chrisakatrace

    So your saying the surface is better, since display, size, and appearance are subjective. Personally, I like the 16:9 ratio, since it is so similar to my browser and hdtv. They all have that size ratio for a reason. I have read that there was a blind test with an ipad and a surface in a box and people were asked to identify the best looking screen. The majority chose the surface. Resolution is everything. Appearance, the ipad is boring. The Surface is a sleek looking beast. I feel like I could throw it at a wall and it would end up on the other side scratch free.
    The touch cover is also the slimmest keyboard ever made and it works great once you get the hang of it. The type cover is much better, since you don’t need to get the hang of it, but it’s not as slim.

  3. I have the ipad 2 and my bf has the surface… I love my ipad and he loves his surface so we have this fight everyday.. Haha .. In my opinion the surface is great for IT/techie geeks.. It behaves like a pc pretty much and you can do more with it.. But I love my ipad 2 it’s so easy to use and It does what I need it to do.. I probably won’t get a new ipad for a few years bc I love my 2 so much.. I’ve used the 4th gen one and while its cool and all I still have plenty of life in my 2..

  4. what do you mean when you say: “will enable the device to be as powerful as any of today’s newest ultrabooks, like the MacBook Air or ASUS Transformer Prime” ? macbook air dosn’t compare at all to tranformer prime… in terms of power… TP is much less powerful.

  5. well im thinking about buying the surface but i have had a ipod for 6 months and my battery time lasts 10-15 minutes its really stupid

  6. apple has little to worry about from Microsoft’s tradition­
    breaking move to sell its own tablets, analysts say. Experts have predicted that Microsoft’s
    Surface line of 1 0.6in tablets poses little threat to the iPad’s market dominance.
    “Microsoft’s tablet-related products may have a place in
    certain parts of the enterprise world that require Windows­ based solutions, but we found little in
    the presentation that would convince us that a consumer would prefer Surface over an iPad,”
    explained Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets.
    The Surface will probably be too pricey; it starts out behind
    the iPad in critical component specs, specifically the display; and most importantly, it feels like
    e a copycat that may lack sufficiently compelling reasons for bypassing the original.
    “This raises the question,” commented Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research, “if the
    Surface is going head to head with the iPad, why not just buy an iPad?”

  7. lordofexcess

    Derpa derpa … I am a mindless apple fan … derp derpa dee dooo. Anything that Apple does is proclaimed by its legions of fanboys and fangirls to be the greatest human accomplishment. They have for well over a decade gouged consumers for products that weren’t worth half of what they were paying for them. They are one of the most exploitative companies on the planet. Their greatest accomplishment has been their amazing marketing success, virtually brainwashing millions of fools into believing that their products are flawless.

    Apple has undoubtedly made some very innovative, albeit perpetually overpriced (their margins are insane) products.

    Ok that said. Microsoft really has a similar record to Apple in all departments. This product though, for many reasons offers hope to all consumers. Not because it in and of itself is so amazing, but because it and other products soon to follow, will start to break the stranglehold that Apple has managed to acquire on this segment of the tech marketplace. Expandable memory and more low end/entry level model options are what is needed here.

    I am just as interested in the Nexus 7.

    Competition is good and strong competition is what is needed against Apple and has been for years, but no one has really been able to give it to them. Not because Apple’s products are so superior, but rather their marketing machine is. Consumers are lazy and blind and just follow along like lemmings. Apple has used that to a greater advantage than perhaps any other company, ever. Go watch their 1984 advertisement (amazing stuff) and just swap some logos around, reword the closing text and narration … bada bing … that is what I am waiting for. Will Microsoft do it? Probably not. But the ice is breaking. Competition is on its way and that is good for everyone! Honestly, that is good for even Apple. They need to bring their prices down and stop with the monopolistic crap (from how Itunes works to lack of expandable memory).

  8. The myth of the iPad being content consumption only is just that, a myth. I use Pages and Numbers regularly. If I need Office apps, I have OnLive desktop, which gives me a full version of windows, plus Office and cloud storage. There is also QuickOffice pro.

    I regularly (daily) use Penultimate for note taking, and it as a joy to use.

    I also use Photoshop Touch, Collage, and Ideas from Adobe for content creation when I am mobile (which is often). In fact I just got back from a week in in Vancouver BC with nothing but my iPad and iPhone, and was very productive. I’ll never take a laptop with me again when I travel.

    The so-called shortcomings of using an iPad for content creation (small screen) will also be just as problematic (although I have none of these problems) on a windows tablet. As far as the keyboard is concerned, I type just fine on the on-screen keyboard. If I need an external keyboard, there are many to choose from.

    Finally, if you need more than a tablet offers, then you need an ultrbook or laptop, regardless of wether you have an iPad, android or windows 8 tablet.

    Oh yeah, I just posted this from my iPad…

  9. The most importanat thing not mentioned here is the productivity. The ipad, as the rest of the tablets, is made for consuming content. Any attempt to *create* content using such devices will reveal the problematic small screen, limited multitasking and proper keyboard, and most importantly, lack of real productivity software. The prodoctivity suites avaliable for tablets (both android and iOS) are very limited and not suitable for anything more than simple, short work. In this field, the promised Office suite planned for the surface gives it a huge advantage

  10. The Surface tablet is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be a lot more Windows 8 tablets coming with all different sizes and shapes and configurations. I’ll likely get one that is taller rather than wider. I need a pro model for productivity.

  11. The Surface will initially be WiFi only, no LTE or even 3G, so no win for Surface. Also, there is no indication whatsoever that the ARM cpu in the Surface will be better than the A5x – or even comparable so that cannot be seen as a win for Surface. Finally, the ARM version will not support the desktop as the Pro version will, and will initially suffer a dearth of applications (supporting only Metro apps). Taking these points into consideration, the iPad comes out on top.

    However, no one seems to be considering the ‘other’ windows 8 tablets that will be hitting the market; those running Intel’s Atom processors. These will occupy the vast middle ground of the market, will handle the full windows desktop, and have much better power management than the i5 will. It is my opinion that the Surface Pro will be a non-starter as Atom-based tablets will take center stage this summer.

    • I think the Nokia 1001 will be 3G, LTE so lets see how this tablet will do with Windows8. The iPad will get Office in fall so thats Good. What is better? May be a matter of taste, I am a Microsoft Fanboy, so I choose Surface, just want to put a USB stick in it or use it like a “real” laptop. Because I already have a heavy laptop I will buy the RT version.

  12. I’m sorry but the iPad has a 9.7″ screen not 8.9″ which makes Microsoft’s tablet’s screen of 10.6 not that much bigger. Also, have you considered the fact that Microsoft plans to sell these tablets only in the 20 Microsoft Stores (with 5 new ones coming soon) in the US and online? How are people going to get to try these things out especially since there are over 300 Apple stores plus all the other retailers that sell the iPad? Specs aren’t enough to make a good tablet.

    • Dave Granger

      That is a big concern for me too, I like the look of the tablet but I would never buy it without trying it out first. Almost seems they’re afraid of something.

    • Anonymous Truthsayer.

      Microsoft stores are not the only ones selling it. They are also being sold at Best Buy and Staples.

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