Headphones for $300 are nothing compared to Sennheiser’s new HD 700 ones that are priced at a whopping $1,000 ($999.95 to be exact). Sennheiser has created taken the “high-end headphones” to new heights with their beyond premium set. So what makes them retail at a $1K? Well, they not only feature an innovative headphone design, but they combine high-end sound using patent-pending ventilated magnet system manages airflow for low THD, offering clear trebles, precise bass reproduction and a crystal-clear sound.

The ear cups are designed so sound waves are directed to your ears at a slight angle for a more natural listening experience. They have an open design with a transparent sound band that shows the “heart” of the headphones, which is a 40 mm Duofol transducer, providing lifelike audio reproduction from 10 to 42,000 Hz. The HD 700 headphones also feature uniquely shaped gauze that continues the curved lines of the diaphragm, reducing the volume of air beneath it to help significantly reduce distortion. For those true audiophiles or who have a bank account that can support such a lavish purchase, the HD 700 headphones will be available in March.

Kristie Bertucci

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