From the design team who bought you the elegant and functional Level 10 modular PC case, comes their latest release: the Level 10 M mouse concept that will be launched later this spring. DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake have their eyes set on gamers with the release of the new mouse and will be the first of many gaming products. Its standout feature is its hollowed-out design, which allows for height and angle adjustment of the mouse body. Users can adjust the size and shape of the mouse to their liking by simply turning a screw on the top side of the mouse. It also features a perforated palm surface so that sweaty hands during serious gaming sessions doesn’t become a problem.

While exact details and specs on the Level 10 M mouse concept haven’t been released it, a press release did state that the design team wanted the design language of the “expressive geometrical Level 10 chassis” fit into something that was still “pleasant and comfortable” for heavy use. While it may look good, many are hoping that it functions even better than its good looks.


Kristie Bertucci

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