Casio showed off its new G-Shock GB-6900 smartwatch at this week’s CES show, which will officially be available on March 16. The smartphone-ready watch is embedded with Bluetooth LE (aka Low Energy that’s standard in Bluetooth 4.0), so it easily synchronizes the time with the phone, as well as shows incoming calls, messages and emails on its small display. Looking like any other G-Shock Watch, the new GB-6900 smartwatch can also set new alarms and silence your phone’s ringer without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Casio claims that users can expect a battery life of about two years with one conventional CR2032 button battery thanks to its Bluetooth LE feature (it consumes a fraction of the energy of other Bluetooth versions). But not a lot of smartphones have this kind of Bluetooth technology yet, which can be a problem since it’s only compatible with the Medias LTE N-04D and Media PP N-01D Android phones from NEC. The phone is said to retail for about $230.

Kristie Bertucci

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