HTC Vivid vs iPhone 4S (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

24 Comments to HTC Vivid vs iPhone 4S (comparison)

  1. i have the vivid.. most people in my family have the iphones varying in models.. i like the fluidity of the iphone and its battery lasts a little longer but i wouldnt give up my vivid.. it has so many customization choices and i like the screen.

  2. N. Offield

    This post really helped me because my friend was showing me his HTC phone last week and it looked so much more interesting than my iPhone 4S and I have to admit it looks great. Only down sides: no iCloud or will iTunes work with this? Also no siri, siri is not an essential but shes fun.

  3. the iphone 4s uses a dualcore 800mhz a5 processor, unlike the 1ghz version in the ipad 2

    you can’t necessarily compare clock for clock when it comes to processors. its not as far as apples vs oranges, but probably something like grapefruit vs oranges. for instances, the 1.2ghz exynos processor in the original at&t galaxy s 2 is faster than the 1.5ghz snapdragon processor in the t-mobile galaxy s 2the graphics processing power of the iphone 4s is unrivaled, however. its sgx543mp2 gpu is top in the smartphone market right now (outpacing even the mali-400 gpu in the galaxy s2 and definitely the adreno 220 in the htc vivid)

  4. OK, I wrote this whole response and then realized it may come off as an attack… it’s not, I’m just hoping it may inform you, or readers of your review who were not aware:

    So… “HTC’s … impressive specs that pretty much competes on the same level as the iPhone 4S.”Now let’s see:iPhone – Dual Core 1.0ghzVivid —- Dual Core 1.2ghzWINNER = VividiPhone – 512mb RAM
    Vivid —- 1GB RAM
    WINNER = VividiPhone – 16-64GB Internal
    Vivid —- 16GB Internal + Expandable via MicroSD Card
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone – 1420 mAh embedded BatteryVivid —- 1620 mAh Removable/Replaceable BatteryWINNER = VividiPhone – 8mp 2.4f
    Vivid —- 8mp 2.2f
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone – 1080P @ 30fpsVivid —- 1080P @ 60fpsWINNER = VividiPhone – VGA Front CameraVivid —- 1.3MP Front CameraWINNER = Vivid

    iPhone – 3.5″Vivid —- 4.5″WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone – 960×640 – 326ppiVivid —- 960×540 – 245ppiWINNER = iPhone (maybe)(Truth is that at anything over 12″ from your eye… neither display will show noticeable pixelization)iPhone – 14mbps HSPAVivid —- 21mbps HSPA+WINNER = VividiPhone – N/AVivid —- 4G LTEWINNER = Vivid
    As you can plainly see the final score here is at least 10:1. That’s if you hold your phone 12″ or less from your face(Hint: you don’t)Your article seems like it was written from the biased perspective of an iPhone fan trying to write off a phone that tops it six ways from sunday… the iPhone 4s was not even better than the best Android phone available 6 months before Apple released the iPhone 4s… (Galaxy S II) that the real heavy hitters (Vivid, Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus, Rezound) are coming out… It looks pathetic, though Siri IS a cute gimmick.

      • Thanks, I felt the same way about the article… I was hoping to see a real comparison… when I didn’t… I wrote one. ;)

        I also want to point out that i currently have the Galaxy S II and find the Super AMOLED display to be annoyingly over-saturated… so much so that I am looking forward to getting the Vivid so that I can be rid of it…I DO know that most people LOVE the Super AMOLED and even compare it favorably with the IPS display on the iPhone… but I just can’t get past the extreme over-saturation.

      • CJ, we don’t have the phones on hand so we can’t do a pic.  Otherwise we would.  In terms of some of the specs it will be up to you since a faster clock speed doesn’t necessarily mean better.  That said, OS is completely subjective.  But perhaps going forward we’ll take more of a stand on the matter.  

    • Jason, I think you make some good points.  Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and given your comments we may try to modify our comparisons to look more like this.  

      However, remember that on paper many phones appear to be better than the iPhone but in actual world use they’re anything bet.  Also, bigger isn’t always better and as a result the comparisons will be rather subjective with some agreeing and disagreeing with the points we make.  With that said we try to be as objective as possible, though at the end of the day I have to trust a writer’s assessment.

    • Thanks Jason! Your reply cleared it up for me, because the article writer did seem biased; especially, for a newbie like me.

    • i own both and your arguments are thin and unresearched.  Specs on a date sheet are just letters and numbers.  Here is what I can say to help you.

      Apple whether 8 or 64 GB has iCloud so expandable memory not as important and not a good reason to choose the HTC.

      Display is weak on the larger phones.  They do pixelate and use more battery so even from 12 inches plus there is a downside,

      Camera on Vivid is bad at best.  The colors are washed out and boring.  Go to Samsung and then you’d have a comparison.  HTC fails in the camera department every time.  Go to any review sight and you’ll see the sample pics.

      a5 is very good and is faster in most opeations in hspa or 3g or wifi arenas,  In LTE the HTC is faster but lte is very hard to come by for most.  Theat is about it.  Apple is fit and finish with its software and for some reason it just works.

      More ram is more ram and it is better on the htc. 

      In my time with both I reach for the iphone more of the time.  The HTC will be gone soon as it is a bottom feeder in todays super phones.  Not that the iphone is number one because it isn’t.  Samsung Skyrocket wins that honor right now. 

      My experience says that hardware and software the iphone wins

      Size to impress people HTC

      Size for day to day iPhone

      resale in 1 year iPhone.  Let’s face it we all switch annually.  Iphones always have great resale.  Why? android sends a new better phone out monthly.  It isn’t worth it to get it home to find out it is old before you even use it.  Also the updates with android.  Some phones get them and some don’t???  Vivid is not slated to get ICS until Q4 2012! Boo HTC!

      I love android and for play it is my choice.  For everyday use iphone is better.  I am dumping the Vivid and its inflated numbers for the better Samsung Skyrocket.  You are a fan boy of android and good for you and your minions.  But realize that HTC just lost in court for stealing apple patents on their phones.  Samsung has all but admited to copying apple hence their new displays and UI’s.  So iphone can’t be too bad.  In my opinion pretty good just a little behind the times at 3.5 inches.  Choose wisely phone shoppers and do not trust fan boys of either.  Both are good neither is perfect and the end all be all.  Shop try them out and do what fits you best.  Good luck. Jason you have a ways to go.  Do the leg work and give them a try don’t use numbers on a box and say better or worse.  I have been in tghe cell game since analog car phones…experience and an open mind will help your reviews.  it will sharpen your opinions and people like me won’t be able to shoot them full of holes.  Watch techno buffalo or phone dog reviews.  CNET is even okay but they are very pro apple.  take notes and start your own review site.  You obviously have the passion. 

      ta ta,

      Cell reviewer 1

      • anonymous

        You obviously have NO idea at all what your talking about. the vivid has the best in class camera out of any phone yet besides the amaze and the one series. HTC makes the best mobile phone cameras period its already been proven. the vivid has a 0.2 second shutter time its wayyyy better compared to the galaxy’s camera. it has like a 2 second shutter time and its auto focus is horrible. and yet again your sooooo wrong. the vivid was the FIRST phone in the u.s. to get android 4 and it got it March 1st. It just shows how much the average samsung knows. your just butt hurt your phone sucks ass and its wayyyy too overrated. touchwiz is seriously the biggest excuse for a UI. It looks like the cheapest generic wanna be version of stock android there is. its horrible period ridiculously horrible. HTC is killing other phones and iphone is way too overrated and the only thing iphone beats htc in is the screen resolution but you drop your iPhone once and your gonna need a new screen the strength of their screens are ridiculous. but either way I’d take a iphone over a p.o.s. samsung ANYDAY. but HTC wins hands down. and I own the vivid myself and I can speak for it

        • Zack Helton

          I also have the HTC Vivid. I would take the HTC Vivid over the iPhone 4s anyday! All of Apple’s products are way overrated and way overpriced! The HTC Vivid is an awesome phone! It’s super fast, super responsive, just plain out AWESOME!

    • And your opinion sounds like a biased one from an Android fan. I read this article beacause my sister had the htc and i had the iphone 4 not the 4s and she wanted mine. I used hers a few times and i can understand why. The screens responsiveness suck  compared to iphones there glitchy and the speed really only counts for loading apps or internet. Specs dont matter when you dont have a good running system. And her camera is better than mine but iphone 4s’s camera is the best you can get and idk where you got your info. Clearly you have never used both android and iphone simutaniusly. After all the Androids i have had i can honestly say iphone is a better all around phone.

    • Lloyd Scott

      Thanks Jason, I just upgrade my Nokia Smartphone to this HTC phone, the article forgot to mention that if you drop the iPhone you are subjected to a shattered phone/screen among other things, and the apps on iPhones are 99 cents each. I love Apple products but it’s great that there are many other choices out there especially when it come to cell phones. Great response, thanks again.

      • Actually, if you crack your iPhones screen apple has a warranty for one year and it’s free when you buy an iPhone! If you buy the 2 year warranty with the phone when you buy it, it only adds $100 it’s a great deal because if you are out of the 1 year warranty they provide for free you will have to pay usually $150 for any incident that happens! So the 2 year warranty is a great deal! Because you get the one year free and then if you choose you can spend the $100 and get 2 more years! And most people only have there phones for 2 years because then they can get an upgrade!

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