Strangely enough most, if not all of us still use a pen and paper to make notes.  Something about writing helps us think, where as typing can counter our creative side.  This notebook, which mind you is perfect for those of you heading back to school this September, if not already, includes a slot for holding your iPhone 4 in portrait or landscape mode.

It’s called the Smart Phone note, and there is also a notepad for making hand written notes.  And if you haven’t already, there is always a time when you need to copy something down from iPhone to paper, and this notepad does it in a sleek and sensible fashion without requiring you to lean to the over to read your phone’s screen; now it’s front and center.  They’ve also built-in a headphone port as well as slots for credit cards or a student ID.

You can grab one for $29, though we’re not sure if they’ll ship to the States.

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Christen Costa

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