Brazilian police will soon use a special pair of glasses fitted with a small camera, that can track down criminals by capturing up to 400 facial images per second.
It works by wirelessly sending the recorded images to a database that can compare up to 46,000 points on a face, known as biometric data, and determine if they’ve got a criminal history or an outstanding arrest warrant. If a positive ID is made, an alert is sent back to the cop in the form of a red dot on the screen, where upon they can take action, though it’s not clear how much info is displayed.

The cameras are generally designed to scan faces at up to 50 meters, though they do have the ability to function from as far as 12 miles away.
Brazil plans on using the tech at football stadiums, concerts and the upcoming World Cup where it might prove intrusive to the average citizen, but ultimately save lives.

Christen Costa

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