The Geneva Motor Show kicks off in March, and there you can expect to see Porsche’s Panamera S Hybrid.  It will fire out 380 horses of power, 333 of them coming from its 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine with the remaining 47 being drawn from the its electric motor.  An 8-speed automatic transmission should keep things smooth as silk and a regenerative breaking system will power up the nickel-metal hydride battery.  We’re actually surprised to see that Porsche has opted for older battery tech, especially since Lithium-ion is more efficient.  Nonetheless, the Panamera S Hybrid will achieve 34.5 miles per gallon and just 159 grams per kilometer of CO2.  

While we’re not out right impressed with the over fuel efficient, and actually expect more from a company that just launched an experimental E-Boxster, Porsche appears to be going to great lengths, even silly ones, to try and garner press for this vehicle.  They’re stating that the Panamera S Hybrid produces less grams of CO2 per HP than virtually any other car on the road, including the Prius.  An explanation probably isn’t necessary, but sure, this is possible because the Prius is a turtle in the horsepower department which means that yes, of course it will emit more CO2 per HP.  Duh.


Christen Costa

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