Stem Innovation seems to be a completely new company, whose sole purpose is making Apple compatible devices, of which they are currently only selling two: a pair of speakers and the TimeCommand – an alarm clock dock for the iPhone/iPod/iPad.

You could probably put it anywhere, but it’s meant to be placed at your bedside, as its round shape was designed to elicit responses of love, mercy and cuddliness when it wakes you up in the morning. I obviously made that part up, but only because it’s so nice to see a round iPod dock – or a round clock – for a change.

In case waking up through means of sound seems barbaric to you, which it is, the TimeCommand can also command your bedside lamp, and turn it on in hopes of waking you up. If morning doesn’t do the job, what are the chances a lamp will? Try it and find out, I guess.

Or you could let TimeCommand combine light and music in a sort of morning alarm torture show synesthesia. It comes with an app that customizes the whole sleep/wake cycle, with dual alarms for waking and snooze controls.

TimeCommand can be found in Apple Retail Stores for $99.95, and when you see it, it would be wise to remember my loosely constructed description of it – morning alarm torture show synesthesia – before any purchasing decision is made.