With Daft Punk responsible for the TRON: LEGACY soundtrack, leave it up to Disney to find creative ways of involving them with the merchandise.

Daft Punk headphones? Makes sense, the band does, after all, make music.

But what makes this a really happy coincidence (or is it?), is that Daft Punk is known for the same sole-light-in-the-dark neon look that is the basis of both the original and the current Tron movies.

So the headphones will follow in that generally luminous direction and feature external lighting capabilities – they’ll make your head glow in the dark.

Made by Monster, they’re over-ear headphones featuring Advanced Noise Suppression Technology, but my guess is you’ll be more interested in the accompanying TRON: LEGACY audio dock, which borrows its look for the movie’s well known data disks.

Going on sale today across the nation in any store worthy of the name, fans will have to shell out $349.95 for the headphones and $249.95 for the dock.

Now, as a tribute to the laconic wordsmanship of those fellows over at Engadget, we’ll quote their entire 12 word review of this headphone event, for it is brilliant:

“We can’t tell, is this (and by “this” we mean the entertainment machine that is Disney / Daft Punk / Tron / Jeff Bridges, melding with the monster that is Monster, and creating a pair of $350 ultra-glossy headphones) the ultimate payoff of our childhood hopes and dreams, or their ultimate ruination and desecration? Both?”